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European Pathology Congress welcomes you to Present your research and Ideas at New York,United States of America on 24th - 25th Mar 2023.

Euro Pathology will be a creative and strengthening International gathering representing the course of pathology in the 21st century in a protected yet energizing condition that offers an extensive variety of preoccupations to members of all foundations. This meeting gives a splendid chance to talk about the most recent advancements latest developments within the field. Euro Pathology will concentrate on the most recent and exciting innovations in every aspect of research offering an interesting opportunity for pathologists across the globe to meet, arrange, and discuss new logical advancements. On behalf of the Organizing and Advisory Committees we take great pleasure in welcoming pathologists, scientists, researchers, professors, research scholars, students and experts of application fields to attend 3rd European Pathology Congress. We invite all to join us at Paris for the edition of the European Pathology Congress and to discover the global city with both the ancient and modern attraction.

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Scientfic Sessions:

General pathology involves all aspects of  pathology. It deals with the diagnosis and management of disease by use of every component of laboratory medicine and every diagnostic technique, including examination of the patient. General pathologists have a very broad understanding of the pathophysiology of disease, the diagnostic value of individual tests and also of the laboratory and its workings.

Neuropathology is the study of illness of sensory system tissue, ordinarily as either little surgical biopsies or entire body dissections.It should not be fault for neuropathy, which alludes to clutters of the nerves themselves (ordinarily in the fringe sensory system). Neuropathologists are medical authorities with skill in the determination of sensory system infections by gross, tiny and atomic examinations.

Gastrointestinal pathology is a perceived sub-forte teach of surgical pathology. Acknowledgment of a sub-claim to fame is by and huge identified with committed cooperation preparing offered inside the subspecialty or, then again, to surgical pathologists with an extraordinary intrigue and broad involvement in gastrointestinal pathology.

Gynaecology and Obstetrics Pathology is the medical pathology subspecialty dealing by means of reading and diagnosis of disease including the female genital tract, which includes vagina, uterus, and ovaries and the breasts. Obstetrics Pathology is the study of diagnosis and diseases involve during pregnancy and childbirth, and the postpartum period. A physician who practices gynaecologic pathology is a gynaecologic pathologist.

Dermatopathology is a joint subspecialty of dermatology and pathology and to a lesser extent of surgical pathology that focuses on the study of cutaneous diseases at a microscopic and molecular level. It also encompasses analyses of the potential causes of skin diseases at a basic level. In fact, most of them are trained primarily in dermatology themselves.

Metastasis, or metastatic disease, is the spread of cancer or other disease from one organ or part to another not directly connected with it.Carcinogenesis or oncogenesis is the actual formation of cancer, whereby normal cells are transformed into cancer cells. Mutagenesis is a process by which the genetic information of an organism is altered in a stable manner, resulting in a mutation. It may occur naturally in nature, or as a result of exposure to mutagens.

Surgical pathology is the study of tissues banished from living patients amid surgery to help analyze a malady and focus a treatment procedure. Regularly, the surgical pathologist gives consultation benefits in a wide assortment of organ indications and subspecialties. Surgical pathologists give characteristic data and/or second conclusions. Surgical pathology incorporates both the physical examination of the tissue with the naked eye and inspecting handled tissue under a magnifying instrument.

Plant Pathology is the study of the organisms and environmental circumstances that cause disease in plants, the mechanisms by which this happens, the interactions between these causal agents and the plant (effects on plant growth, yield and quality), and the methods of managing plant disease. Plant science is the inspection of diversities, capacities and structures of plants. Plant illnesses are brought about by living beings (called pathogens), for example, growths, microorganisms, infections, nematodes, phytoplasmas, protozoa, and parasitic plants.

Pediatric pathology covers the range of clutters creating in-utero (counting embryology, placentology, and teratology), gestational and perinatal illnesses, and all ailment of youth. A portion of the pediatric ailment incorporate asthma, measles, chickenpox and so on. Pediatric pathology gathering can lay a profound understanding on this matter. Paediatric Pathology is what interfaces the sub-atomic and cell variations from the norm hidden ailment forms in kids to the clinical signs and side effects of those sicknesses.

Telepathology is the action of pathology at a separation. It utilizes broadcast communications innovation to boost the exchange of picture rich pathology information between inaccessible areas for the motivations behind conclusion, instruction, and research. Presentation of telepathology requires that a pathologist chooses the video pictures for examination and the rendering of analyses.

Hazards induced by environmental factors have become a preoccupation. It is a major concern of the media. The desire to protect people against environmental hazards represents an understandable concern, even when the justified protection requires economic sacrifices.

Environmental Pathology lessens concerns with environmental hazards when they are not justified. It focuses on the areas in which investigation may unmask hazards otherwise not appreciated. Conditions caused by acquaintance to chemical or physical agents in the ambient, workplace, and personal environment, including diseases of nutritional origin. Hazards induced by environmental factors have become a preoccupation. It is a major concern of the media. The desire to protect people against environmental hazards represents an understandable concern, even when the justified protection requires economic sacrifices.

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02nd Mar 2023

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09th Mar 2023

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24th - 25th Mar 2023

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